Recession in Hampshire – Crisis or Opportunity

The more time I spend at networking events in Winchester and Hampshire, the more the topic of recession is raised and discussed.

In truth, although it is a topic that is hot on everyones lips, I have seen little evidence of the credit crunch effecting Hampshire companies within the circles I move in – if you talk to people and read local press such the Hampshire Chronicle there are many positive stories and examples of new businesses launching in and around Hampshire, those that should be worst hit such as construction companies and mortgage companies appear to be taking affirmative action and being just a little bit more focussed and intelligent with their marketing and their approach to new business generation.

I guess this anomoly could be down to the fact that those companies that I’m speaking of haven’t hidden behind their desks bemoaning the incoming ‘times of doom’, instead they are out and about making new contacts, actively seeking business and making an even bigger effort than usual.

These guys appear to be looking at the recession as a massive opportunity, a time that forces them to take stock of processes, cashflow and new business generation. Also a time in which competition may be decreasing and the opportunity for inexpensive acquisition is ripe.

 I’ve always loved Duncan Banatynes attitude when it comes to business – in a nutshell, anyone can do it, they just need to get off their posteriors, get out there and put the effort in.

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 at 9:09 am  |  Business in Winchester