Supercharge Your Website – Directories and Vertical Portals

This is the second post in the Supercharge Your Website series. There are numerous directories on line and many of them are free. To start with, understand that if someone links to your web site, a search engine will consider it a recommendation and will award your web site points accordingly. These points will help you rise up through the ranks so fire up Google and type in Free Directories. You will be rewarded with pages and pages of free directories.

This method is great, you’ll get loads of links to your site, but what we’re really after (if we can get it) is people who are actually in the market for our product or service, so let’s get a bit clever about it.

The word Vertical Portal is a bit of jargon that basically means a doorway (or in this instance a web site) that is dedicated to your market (in our case web design) or even to your area. The most powerful links will come from vertical portals so let’s start here. Type your industry into google followed by the word directory –  so for us it would be “web design directory” – this should produce a plethora of vertical portals in which you can list.

Next let’s look at your area, for many products and services potential clients prefer to use local companies so by listing in local directories you not only improve your standing in the search engine rankings but you’ll also stand a good chance of generating a stream of genuine enquiries. The method is the same, type in your region followed by the word Directory e.g. Hampshire directory.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009 at 12:41 pm  |  Website Strategy