Spam Protection For Adira Clients

Greylisting Spam ProtectionFor some time now we have been rolling out an efficient method of spam protection for our clients called Greylisting.

How Greylisting Works

The way greylisting works like this:-

1. A user sends email

2. The users email account tries to deliver email to your mailbox

3. Your mailbox rejects the email once

4. The users email account tries again to deliver email (this is normal practice)

5. Your mailbox accepts the email and makes a note to allow any future email from this email address Read the rest of this entry »

A bit of Google Fun

Website design really can be fun! No-one embodies playfulness within the website design world quite like Google – they inspire their website designers to think outside the box, and to really play with the latest technology that’s out there.

This is often seen through the regular changes and innovations seen on the Google search page – we’ve seen great moving graphics, inspiring art and even full on games! Read the rest of this entry »

Did you know?

Not really on-topic for a Winchester web design company, but an extremely interesting video that gives a whole host of fascinating statistics about information technology and its effect on us all. Read the rest of this entry »

Internet Statistics

I recently put together a presentation for a group of business people in Winchester.  This led me to research some internet statistics which I thought I would share.

  • 108 million searches each day in the uk
  • In 2008, 16 million households in Great Britain (65 per cent) had Internet access.
  • 56% of UK households had broadband in 2008.
  • 88% of businesses have broadband or access to broadband
  • During this recession high street sales have suffered but internet sales continue to soar:- This is from the office of National Statistics – Average weekly value of internet retail sales in January 2009 was approximately £178 Million, an increase of 17% on last year.

If you want to see a breakdown of internet statistics check it out here:-

A Comment on Design

One of the things all designers have come across is the ‘left a bit, right a bit’ client designer phenomenon.

 At the end of the day, we believe that clients should have exactly what they want – our approach is to advise boldly based on our experience and expertise. However, if a client really wants a flashing pink border and a giant animation in the middle of their site then, so long as we’ve communicated our concerns clearly, that really is the clients decision to make – after all it is their website.

This video is something I came across recently that I’m sure will touch a nerve with web designers and graphic designers alike – it had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

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