Spam Protection For Adira Clients

Greylisting Spam ProtectionFor some time now we have been rolling out an efficient method of spam protection for our clients called Greylisting.

How Greylisting Works

The way greylisting works like this:-

1. A user sends email

2. The users email account tries to deliver email to your mailbox

3. Your mailbox rejects the email once

4. The users email account tries again to deliver email (this is normal practice)

5. Your mailbox accepts the email and makes a note to allow any future email from this email address Read the rest of this entry »

Guard Against a Botnet Attack

Wordpress SecurityHow to Protect Yourself from a Botnet Attack

This how-to assumes that you have a basic knowledge of WordPress, are able to upgrade and install plugins.

There are a number of things you should do to ensure that your WordPress website does not fall victim to the recent spate of WordPress botnet attacks. Read the rest of this entry »