Winchester Interiors

Winchester InteriorsThose Amazing people over at Winchester Kitchens have only gone and spotted another gap in the Winchester market!

Winchester Interiors specialises in the design and installation of intelligent, aesthetic, storage solutions offering contemporary or traditional styles with affordability. Whatever your storage problem, they can design and install wardrobes, hallway cupboards, home office solutions.

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Why is content called the KING of web design Winchester?

According to web design Winchester professionals, content is of the utmost importance in any website and is therefore called as the king of the web design. Read the rest of this entry »

How important is white space in web design Winchester?

Besides being extremely important, white space is often an overlooked feature of web design Winchester. Most web designers and developers in order to make websites highly attractive, add unlimited features to them. They incorporate loads of images, graphics, and flash presentations to the website, leaving hardly any empty space. Read the rest of this entry »

Who Moved My Cheese

Having recently read the 1 minute manager, I recently had a look around at other stuff by the same author. Interestingly I came across a book that I’ve heard mentioned  all over the place, “Who Moved My Cheese”.

Having looked around the internet I then discovered that they’ve made a cartoon! it appears below – a great parable about change management:-

Working for Winchester

I felt moved to write something about a fantastic client of ours – we have just launched a website for the Winchester BID – a largely unsung hero of Winchester Business, whose principle aim is to make Winchester a great place to come for the benefit of local business.

Winchester Bid is comprised, principally, of a hardworking team of 4, Keith, Amy, Ges and Emma who are quietly responsible for a wide variety of high profile activities around Winchester.

Perhaps the most obvious of these are the Winchester christmas lights. Now at first glance, this may appear like a simple task but there are a legion of logistical and administrative nightmares that accompanies the process, all of which we, the Winchester general public fail to appreciate. Other schemes run by Winchester BID include

  • Chewing gum removal – you may have seen them all around Winchester city recently, apparrantly there have been TENS OF THOUSANDS of chewing gum pieces removed from around city centre alone.
  • Diverted Giving – there are lots of boxes around Winchester where you can give to the homeless without encouraging street begging.
  • Police Community Support Officers – Winchester BID are  sponsoring a number of PCSO’s and providing equipment such as head camera’s to protect Winchester retailers.

Quite honestly, the list just goes on and on, yet most Winchester people that I know have no idea of the work that’s carried out on their behalf.

So, if you have a minute take a look at the Winchester BID website, and if you have any way to offer support, moral or practical – just get in touch!

Use the internet to increase sales during the downturn, says the FSB

Trawling the internet, as one does, for industry related stuff I came across this little nugget from the FSB – and I have to say…it’s true! 

Nearly half of small businesses that use the internet to advertise their firm increase turnover by one fifth, according to new figures released by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

The FSB”s biennial survey of 8,700 members found that 43 per cent of respondents improved their sales after linking to suppliers and using their website to advertise their firm, showing the ever-increasing value of the internet to business transactions, particularly during an economic downturn.

The survey also revealed that the number of small businesses who have their own website has leapt by a quarter to around 70 per cent since the last survey.
Dr Gary Packham, Head of Enterprise at the University of Glamorgan, where the report was compiled, said:

“These figures show the very clear link between new technologies and business growth. If the country”s 4.7million small businesses are to take advantage of the internet to grow their businesses and the economy, they will need good quality services to be in place, as well as good information and education about how to use them.”
John Walker, FSB National Policy Chairman, said:

“The number of small businesses who have their own website has grown over the past two years, which indicates that small firms are becoming increasingly internet-savvy. Despite the onset of an economic downturn, all small firms should look to the internet to maximise their sales and increase efficiency.”