A bit of Google Fun

Website design really can be fun! No-one embodies playfulness within the website design world quite like Google – they inspire their website designers to think outside the box, and to really play with the latest technology that’s out there.

This is often seen through the regular changes and innovations seen on the Google search page – we’ve seen great moving graphics, inspiring art and even full on games! Read the rest of this entry »

WordPress Website is Best


We’ve just recieved an email from SitePoint all about using WordPress as a content management system to back up great website design. Adira uses WordPress for many clients – and, it seems, with good reason!

For those of you that don’t know, WordPress is a back end system that allows you to manage your website pages, add functionality (online shop, website gallery, booking system etc…) through a vast bank of plugins that are usually free or inexpensive to acquire. Read the rest of this entry »

Phenomenal Use Of Social Media

This is an amazing piece of guerilla marketing using social media to promote continued awareness of HIV with a shoestring budget – absolutely incredible! Read the rest of this entry »

Interface, Information and Aesthetics

Interface, Information and Aesthetics

Choosing a web design firm for your company’s website may seem simple. You can choose the lowest cost website design company, or you can make a list of what you need for your website and choose the website hosting company that is best able to give you what you need. Though the list may be more time consuming, a bit of research can help you rest assured that you’ve made the best choice for your company. Read the rest of this entry »

Did you know?

Not really on-topic forĀ a Winchester web design company, but an extremely interesting video that gives a whole host of fascinating statistics about information technology and its effect on us all. Read the rest of this entry »

Why is content called the KING of web design Winchester?

According to web design Winchester professionals, content is of the utmost importance in any website and is therefore called as the king of the web design. Read the rest of this entry »