Stay Healthy & Productive This Winter

Website DesignAdira are pleased to be working with the NHS to produce a website to support their Well and Working programme.

Well and Working is an NHS project designed to help manage and support employers and employees during times of employee sickness, injury and stress, and find ways to ensure employees are able to continue working at some level.

Many work hours are lost due to minor ills and ailments and with the right support evidence suggests this can be avoided, which is exactly what the Well and Working project aims to do.

In line with that we have put together a few tips on staying fit and healthy during the winter months

So here are some reminders on how to avoid duvet days -

1. Eat Cheese – dairy products boost our immune systems

2. Sleep – we like this one and we all need a bit more of it in winter

3. Popeye – eat your greens to stay fighting fit this winter

4. Sun – yeah right in January? Fresh air is still good though so get outside for a lunch break stroll

5. Drink – and I don’t mean wine, keep a bottle of water to hand at work and home and keep sipping

Wishing you all a productive winter!

Thursday, January 9th, 2014 at 4:31 pm  |  News